HD 1080P

PT713V - HD 1080P

2 MegaPixel HD Wireless Pan & Tilt IP Camera

2 MegaPixel 1080P FULL HD Pan & Tilt IP Camera

With an IP Camera installed at home, you may swiftly access excellent real-time video of loved ones from a Smartphone, work PC or anywhere in the world. Get instant updates on your infant, pets or elderly parents and work with the sense of peace you deserve. Sineoji PT713V provides an ultimate superior surveillance solution for office environments at 2 MegaPixel at FULL HD 1920x1080P resolution.  With high quality video contrast coupled with the motorized pan and tilt features, users are not only able to view loved ones on cam, but closely monitor important details.

Ultra-Wide Viewing Angle of 170°

The PT713V incroporates an ultra-wide lens covering a viewing angle between 170°.  No more worries about blind spot, very area will be monitored covering an extended view of the desired location such as your living hall, dining hall, car park etc.

Storage capability - supports 128GB micro SD Card

Sineoji PT713V is designed with a micro SD card slot supporting to a maximun of 128GB, making it convenient for users to store their video recorded contnet approximately as much as 40 days.

Instant Swift

Incorporating Instant Swift, view your live footage in real time with no lag on your 4G mobile data SmartPhones.  Simply Pan & Tilt the camera and it moves instantly when you are on the move.

4X Motion Detection with Alarm Motion Recording

Sineoji PT713V monitors motion within the selected areas of the premises. Multiple areas of selection can be focus to monitor the motion.  Any movements will be alerted via your Smart Phone and the video content will be recorded onto your micro SD card inserted in the camera.

Digital Zoom

Sineoji PT713V allows you to point and zoom effectively on the desired location on 10x digital zoom.

Bi-Directional Audio with an Integrated Speakers and Microphone

Sineoji PT713V enable 2 way audio communication between the camera and your Smart Phone with your loved ones.  Communicating on your Smart Phone or Camera, either party will be able to hear one another.

Night Vision

Sineoji PT713V offers sharper images day or night 24/7. IR cutter technology allows viewers original true colour viewing.  Night Vision can be view as far as 10 metres.

Fuss-free set-up with free app with no ethernet cables required

To facilitate a fast and easy installation, a free app is available on App Store or Google Play store for fuss-free set-up without any ethernet cables.  Simply download and install the app, enter your WIFI password and you are set to go.

Greater bandwidth efficiency with H.264 standard

Compared to M-JPEG, H.264 standard reduces the size of a video stream by up to 80%, freeing up storage space for precious video moments.