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HomePlug Powerline

Turn every power outlet into an Ethernet point no new wires, no drilling, and no hassle. Powerline technology is a reliable, eco-friendly and inexpensive networking solution. It uses existing electrical wiring to create a personal network. Simply plug Sineoji powerline adapter into an available power outlet to turn it into an Ethernet point, and watch it access your computer, game console or set-top box to stream Internet data over powerline. Because Sineoji HomePlugs are compliant with Advanced HomePlug AV2 and HomePlug AV standards, users are assured a lag-free experience in HD video streaming and online gaming throughout the home.

External & Internal TV Tuners

External, PCI and PCI Express combination analogue and digital TV tuners for PCs and laptops. All WinTV-HVR's are hybrid and can receive analogue & digital TV.

IP Camera

Keeping an eye on people who matter. With an IP Camera installed at your home, you can swiftly access excellent real-time video of loved ones from a Smartphone or your work computer. Get instant updates on your infant, pets or elderly parents and work with the sense of peace you deserve. To facilitate a fast and easy installation, a free app is available on App Store or Google Play store for fuss-free set-up. Sineoji IP Cameras offer pan/tilt and remote zoom features and an SD card slot for heavy video downloads.

High Defination Video Recorders

If you'd like to record your favorite TV shows in HD from cable TV or satellite boxes, HD PVR and Colossus can make great quality recordings. You can even archive your DVR recordings to your PC or burn a blu-ray disc.