Sineoji HomePlugs are compliant with Advanced HomePlug AV2 and HomePlug AV standards, users are assured a lag-free experience in HD video streaming and online gaming throughout the home.

Sineoji IP cameras enables the ability to receive instant updates on your infant, pets or elderly parents and work with the sense of peace you deserve. To facilitate a fast and easy installation, a free app is available on App Store or Google Play store for fuss-free set-up.

Sineoji Wireless range extender are designed to eliminate Wi-Fi blind spots and extend existing wireless signals experienced at the home-office, providing optimum wireless performance, transmission rates and stability.

Sineoji Wireless Display Dongle gives you the advantage to wirelessly stream from your Android mobile devices to the large screen TV.

Finally, Sineoji Wireless USB Adapter allows you to connect your desktop PC or laptop to any wireless network at home or office.